Adapting to a new environment within a short period

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ― Albert Einstein

Adaptability is simply the willingness or ability to conform to new standards. It is a necessary criterion for growth. Like said, “Change is the only constant”. Your ability to make (positive) adjustments in life directly affect your level of success in any cause you seek. Adaptability could mean improving your efforts by admitting a new process, or totally changing track, doing away with the old.

I have recently been undergoing some form of changes in environment and work. Being a newbie in web development, I was just used to learning at my own pace in the comfort of my home. Then came change with its rigor. I applied to be a fellow at Andela, which of course comes with a multi-screening process. The last part of the screening process is a two-week bootcamp with lots of learning and implementation. I have never seen so much energy and productivity within a group. It is packaged with lots of learning and drive. You are frequently and consistently charged to produce qualitative outputs. Without some kind of motivation or drive from within, you are likely going to quit the process. More importantly, even with the passion and drive, you need the ability to adapt to such setting to progress.

At the early stage, I found this a bit uncomfortable because, I was not used to meeting people, having group discussions, displaying my work(s) for scrutiny from people, having to learn a lot within a very short period, the list could go on. The bootcamp is filled with the things I dreaded which are, however, necessary for improvement in life. I knew I had to adapt for my own benefit. So far, the results have been good, though there’s always room for improvement. The little success recorded did not come from doing nothing. I had to put up some measures in order to adapt as soon as possible.

Firstly, there should be an inner drive to make something happening. My will and resolve to be a web developer was higher than my tendencies to always keep to myself. The strong will to achieve a cause defies obstacles.

I also suppressed the tendency to complain or whine about any task I feel is very difficult. Acceptance makes the task easier, you get to make yourself more ready for the challenge when you accept it. Whining, on the other hand, discourages you, makes you amplify the difficulty of the challenge. Challenges will always be there in whatever positive step you wish to take and some of them can be very daunting. You don’t overcome them by complaining.

In order to work effectively in the environment, I initiated open-mindedness in carrying out my activities Being open-minded helps you grow, and become an efficient learner. It makes you willing to take risks, reach out for help when you need it and work with the team for a common goal, irrespective of the differences.

The level of improvement I have made so far is so amazing. It is the result/proof of what you get to achieve when you work hard and embrace (positive) change. I have grown to understand that moving away from challenges do not take your issues away. We should all learn to embrace those challenges and make attempts to fix them.




Web Developer

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emeka chinedu

emeka chinedu

Web Developer

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